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Baby Wearing FAQ

How soon can I start wearing my baby?
Most newborns can be worn right away. If your baby has any health challenges or is premature, you should discuss baby-wearing with your health care practitioner.

Will I spoil my baby if I wear him/her too much?
No. In fact, research has shown that babies are quickly able to develop a sense of security and trust when they are carried. They are more likely to be securely attached to their care-giver(s) and often become independent at an earlier age.

What if my baby is fussy in the carrier?
If you are confident that your baby is not upset due to hunger or other variables, and is clearly unhappy while in the carrier, begin by trying different positions. Some newborns prefer to be held vertically versus laying down. Try walking around indoors or outside while wearing it or swaying in place. Another soothing idea to bounce on a exercise while holding your baby. This method has proven to be a life saver for all three of our kids. Soon your baby will recognize the sling as a place of comfort and security. Often, babies like to fall asleep in the carrier. Always keep a close watch on your baby, even when sleeping, to ensure they are getting proper airflow.

Which carrier should I choose?
So how do you decide which carrier is right for you? Different carriers are appropriate for different needs. How long you wear your baby, how old your baby is, what you plan on using your carrier for, and your budget are things to consider when choosing a baby carrier. Click here for baby-wearer options.

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