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Cloth Diapering Overview

cloth diapers

Cloth diapering is a fun and healthy way to take care of your family’s needs during the infant years. Not to mention the money savings that are possible for choosing cloth diapers over mainstream disposables. A single family could save from 1,500.00 to over 3,000.00 dollars during their diapering experience. And an experience it is! There are so many options and styles available right now from well known brand names to local WAHM’s creating and sewing a tapestry of bottom covers to suit every need and possible idea you might have. From practical and economical to overly expensive and plush. And you can even continue your diapering experience into the potty learning years with reusable learning pants with and array of prints and styles!

Bo and I chose to start cloth diapering with our first child and have continued on the journey now through our third child and have had a laughable time doing so. I cannot tell you exactly how much money we have saved at this point after 5 continual years of cloth diapering, but I can tell you we would never change to disposable. Don’t get me wrong, disposables have their place and purpose, if only to be a sign in history books. We have ventured into many styles over the last 5 years and find each one intriguing and useful. It is so healthy for your little one's hiney to be up against the naturalness of cloth and circled in ultimate cuteness. As a mom of 3, I hope our store can be a connection for you to embark upon the lifestyle of the “Cloth and Famous” and to dive into this “ever changing” world of fashionable nappiness.

Why I Choose Cloth by Jennifer
Six years ago, I was influenced by my dear friends in Kansas City. I watched and participated in my first non-hospital birth, watched them breastfeed, cloth diaper, and sling this precious gift from God. All things new to me, especially being around an infant, I learned much and my mind was richly inundated with the attachment parenting (AP) philosophy.

Jump ahead 1 year, I found myself once again listening to the ease of cloth diapering from a dear friend here in Lincoln. As she was a mom working out of the home, her daily routine was intriguing and yet she seemed to live it with ease and excitement. She used FuzziBunz, as I learned after babysitting one night. Talk about complicated. Are you kidding me, what do I do with these snaps? She patiently laughed at me and with confidence showed me the way.

Again, 2 years later, I sit in the living room with a dear patient of my husband’s and she, too, talked with excitement about her AP ways of parenting and was proud to show off her beautiful daughter wearing, nonetheless- Fuzzi Bunz. I was hooked and sold! So, with the goods news of our first pregnancy, Bo and I sought out Fuzzi Bunz on the Internet, saved, and purchased our first 12 cloth diapers. We all love them and have many people to thank for showing us this most practical, caring way of providing the best for our family.

Why I Choose Cloth by Erin
It was after three short months of marriage that my husband and I were surprised with the news that we were having a baby. The next day, we proudly went to our pastor’s house to announce our exciting news. I remember his wife talking with us about the things that we’d need. When we shared our concerns about financial difficulties, she mentioned cloth diapering…with all of her six kids. It was then when I declared, “Oh, I would never cloth diaper!” It was too gross for me- far beyond anything I’d ever consider. Some how, some way, we were going to make a way to afford disposables.

Soon after our first son was born, some friends of ours (who happen to be the owners of circle ME) had their first baby; also a boy. One day I saw this bright-colored something across the room. Then they told me it was a cloth diaper! It didn’t take me long to become very interested in cloth diapers after seeing a ‘modern’ pocket-style one. I was hooked. Soon, I was begging my husband to save money to buy all the cloth diapers that we’d need.

During the next several months, we endured great financial hardship. Buying disposable diapers became just another bill that we had to pay, and it felt like we were just throwing our money away. The excitement grew as I kept thinking, “We would have $40 extra dollars this month if we just had cloth diapers!” It was several months later that we were finally able to buy 12 cloth diapers of our choosing, which was about enough to wash every other day at that point (our son was 17 mo.).

We have now cloth diapered a little over a year, and have had two little ones in cloth for the past 6 months. We also have switched over to cloth wipes, which save us even more money. I can honestly say I’ve never regretted the decision to cloth diaper (and my husband enjoys it, too!).

Why I Choose Cloth by Dana
I was not about to cloth diaper my kids. I didn’t want to worry about sticking them with diaper pins, or the plastic pants. That was until a conversation I had with my boss’s wife about diapering and cost efficiency. My husband and I weren’t expecting at the time, but were talking about starting our family soon. When we found out the savings of going cloth, realizing how many diapers a baby goes through in a day, and how much money can be saved, we decided to go cloth with our kids.

We bought disposables for our son during his first six weeks, and it was such a pain having to remember to buy diapers. I had to buy disposables while we waited for our Fuzzi Bunz to be shipped, and in seven days, bought two big packs of diapers! I couldn’t wait for our diapers to arrive! We have now decided that on baby #2 we will do cloth diapers from the very beginning. It just makes sense to us.

Since we were going cloth with our diapers, we decided to go cloth with our wipes as well. We were already washing diapers, so adding cloth wipes to the equation just made sense. Our son began enjoying diaper changes when we made the full switch to cloth wipes and diapers. Regular wipes seemed to be slightly irritating and drying to our son’s skin. He is much more comfortable in cloth. My husband and I are so grateful to not have to worry about running out of wipes and diapers, or having to fit those purchases into our budget every month. And as a bonus, we are doing our small part of “going green” by going cloth.

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