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Cloth Diaper Accessories

Diaper Sprayer
A Diaper sprayer attaches to your toilet to make cleaning dirty diapers a breeze! Simply use this adjustable sprayer to get those soiled free from poo before going into the pail. Not only does it simplify cloth diapering, a diaper sprayer can also be used for rinsing the bathtub or potty chairs, water fights & more!

Wet Bag
When you are out and about with your cute cloth diapers, you’ll definitely need somewhere to put the dirty ones. Wet bags are waterproof & odorproof, and come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. They are also great for wet swimsuits or clothes.

A Snappi is a pin-less diaper fastener made of a stretchable non-toxic material & contains grips to secure the cloth in place. It is easy to use and ensures a snug fitting diaper that also allows enough natural movement for your baby. Snappis make the cloth diapering world a lot easier for those who use pre-fold diapers.

This term refers to the absorbent part of the pocket diaper, which is made up of several layers of fabric sewn together. They are most commonly made of materials such as microfiber terry or micro-terry, hemp, and or bamboo & are usually rectangular in some form or shape. For daytime use, only one insert is typically needed; for nighttime diapering, 2 inserts may be needed for optimum absorbency. However most of us here at circle ME use 2 inserts at all times. Inserts, unless specified as “stay dry inserts”, are designed only for pocket stuffing and should not be used as doublers or liners. Microfiber terry should not be placed against baby’s skin, as it is very drying and may cause discomfort.

If you’re finding that your baby needs extra absorbency, consider adding a doubler. A doubler is placed between the diaper and your baby’s bottom designed to add absorption.

Liners are placed on the inside of the diaper to make messes easier to clean up or to protect your cloth diaper from diaper cream. There are two main types, disposable and reusable. The disposable kind are meant to make cloth diapering more convenient, since they are biodegradable, you can just empty the liner into the toilet when soiled.

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