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Cloth Diaper Laundry Tips

At circle ME, we want your cloth diapering to be not only wonderful but successful. Below you will find our recommendations for the longevity and cleanliness of your cloth diaper. If you have further questions about your cloth diaper laundry needs, please contact us. We want to help!


(Allow yourself 24hrs to prep your diapers before you plan to use them. Prepping cloth diapers allows you to ensure they are clean and absorbent BEFORE they touch your baby’s delicate bottom.)

    1. Pockets, fitteds, AIOs and AI2s
      1. Unfasten all diapers closures, but sure to fasten Aplix (Velcro) tabs on washing tabs. Pull out all inserts.
      2. Wash in HOT water 1-3 times using the recommended amount of detergent on the first wash only.
      3. Dry any inserts on medium-high heat 1-3 times.
      4. Dry outer shells, AIOs and fitteds 1-2 times following the drying instructions below.
    2. Pre-folds (Note: Pre-fold diapers require more prepping)
      1. Wash with HOT water 4-5 times using the recommended amount of detergent on the first wash only.
      2. Dry on medium-high heat between EACH wash.
      3. HEMP. If you have a lot of hemp inserts or diapers you should prep them separately using the pre-fold diaper prepping instructions. (this will prevent their natural oil from getting on the rest of your diapers.) If you only have a couple of inserts you can just prep those with your other diapers following the pockets, fitteds, AIOs and AI2s.
    1. Shake solids into toilet. If your baby is breastfed-only, you can skip this step as breast milk is completely water soluble! Remove any inserts & fasten any Aplix tabs, if applicable. Place the dirty diaper into wet bag until wash day.
    2. Wash first on WARM with no detergent or use a pre-wash setting. This prevents any stains from setting. If you are experiencing ANY smell issues, increase your rinses to at least 3 before proceeding to step 3.
    3. Wash on HOT with recommended amount of detergent. Typically, cloth diapers require just a ¼ to 3/4 of the normal amount of detergent. Remember, less is always best! (It is best to wash Aplix (Velcro) diapers on permanent press to extend the life of the Aplix.)
    4. Do a final rinse in COLD water with no detergent.


    1. For best results and to extend the life of the diaper, air-dry the covers & outer shells & fitteds. Please air-dry any diaper with an Aplix (Velcro) closure for maximum usability.
    2. Dry the inserts on medium-high heat.

    However, you may dry all your diapers, covers, inserts, pre-folds, or flats on LOW HEAT ONLY. This will speed up your washing time but it is not recommended for longevity of your diapers.

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