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Custom Birth Kit #0424

Circle Me

Custom Birth Kit #0424

$ 61.93

Birth kits are customized by your midwife to guarantee that all the supplies she needs will be available to her at the time of your birth.

Don't Forget to go to "Birth Kits" and purchase your Chlorophyll, Heartstrings Umbilical Cord Ties, a Cradle Cap Brush and any other extras you may want! 

*NOTE: by purchasing this "Birth Kit" you are in no way holding Circle Me LLC liable for any aspect of your pregnancy, labor or birth. 

This Customized Birth Kit includes the following items and quantities...

Sheets, Plastic Backed 1
Underpads, Deluxe Large 15
Maternity Pads with Tails 12
Mesh Pants 2 pack 1
Gloves, Sterile, Singles, Latex PF 10
Gauze, Sterile 2-pack 1
Peri, Bottles 1
Kleen Footprinter 1
Rubbing Alcohol 2
Hydrogen Peroxide 1
Povi Scrub Solution 1
Olive Oil, 4oz 1
Motherwort Tincture 1
Straws, Flexible 2
Tape Measure, 24" paper, infant 1
Comfrey Tea, 4 oz 1
Bulb Syringe 1
Hat, Multi color, infant 1
Plastic Sterile Cord Clamp 1
Newborn Identification Form 1
Birth Certificate 1

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