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Baby Banana Brushes Baby Banana Brush Infant

Baby Banana Brushes

Baby Banana Brush

$ 8.95

Product Description

The flexible infant baby banana brush is the ideal infant training toothbrush that was invented by a mom-hygienist. The fun banana shape and soft texture are the perfect introduction and make brushing a fun experience as early as 3-4 months. It is made of the highest quality silicone and is compliant with the highest government standards. Because of its unique flexibility, it is much safer than traditional infant training toothbrushes and decreases risk of mouth injury. The wide banana peel handles provide an easy to grasp surface as infants learn to manipulate the brush in their mouth. The soft silicone can help sooth sore gums and it is dishwasher safe and freezer friendly. Parental supervision recommended.

Infant Teether and Toddler Toothbrush in one, with peeli handles; able to hold a binky strap

100% medical grade silicone; dishwasher safe for sanitizing

4x 8 x 1

This version is intended for children under 1 year of age.

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