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Plan Toys Walking Elephant


Plan Toys Walking Elephant

$ 349.99

This is a very special elephant from Plan Toys - simulating the real walking movement of the elephant using some clever mechanics, your child will love riding on its back and feeling the gentle rocking movements of this magnificent animal as it walks forward.

Beautifully designed with simple clean lines, the Plan Toys Walking Elephant is instantly recognisable with its curving trunk, tusks and large ears, and is sure to become a much loved family heirloom of the future. Great for increasing your child’s sense of coordination, balance and fine motor skills as your child learns to ride this gentle giant. Ethically made from sustainable rubberwood with a natural wood grain finish, with smart walking mechanics and a sleek design - we love that Plan Toys is supporting the Save the Elephant Foundation in Thailand with every sale of the unique wooden ride-on toy.

This toy is suitable from age 2-5+ years

Size: 46.2cm x 70.5cm x 51.2cm

For over 30 years, Plan Toys have been making iconic educational toys that bring children closer to nature and inspire creative imaginations and learning through play. Little hands love getting to grips with Plan Toys which are just about as eco, sustainable and high quality as toys can be. Everything is ethically made in Thailand from rubber trees that no longer produce latex, non-formaldehyde glue (which Plan Toys make themselves), organic colour pigments; and water-colour dyes – and the whole process is carbon-neutral too. As well as making FSC solid wood toys, many products are made from Planwood – an ingenious eco material made by compressing sawdust produced in the Plan Toys factory so that nothing goes to waste. All toys come packaged in recycled, non-toxic packaging which can go straight into your recycling bin.

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